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Sublimated Jerseys? What is this?

Sublimation ink when heated, turns into a gas that actually embeds itself into the fabric. This creates a cleaner, more professional look. There is no difference in feeling between the image and the fabric and it will stay there forever.

There are 2 main competitors:

1-Heat transfer: Which is what usually you buy out of Chinese websites or others, They look very nice however when it comes to durability it does not offer any. Heat transfer is the process of printing onto special transfer paper and using a heat press or home iron to transfer it onto a shirt. Heat transfer is a similar process as direct-to-garment or screen printing, but does not carry the same high cost or messy set up. Much like the old iron-ons you could buy at craft stores or WalMart, these transfers are kind of like to stickers, meaning the image will lie on top of the shirt and has a different texture than the surrounding material. Unlike those old iron-ons, these are professional-quality transfers. Main draw-back is that the "sticker" applied onto your jersey will start to PEEL-OFF or cracking and eventually will disappear. These type of jerseys are great for professional football teams that can afford to change uniforms every game.

2-Silk Printing: This is one of the classic and oldest methods to print on T-shirts or jerseys, however its just Fabric INK which over the time will just fade and disappear. Some people add a lot of ink creating a heavy print however this type will crack and break. This is the reason its not used other than companies setting up new workers t-shirts or event volunteers. Its not used on Football garments anymore as this type of ink doesn't stick well to the polyester material.

So, Sublimation is the future, light weight, durable, vivid colors and DURABLE!

Pelotero Sports will ensure you receive the best for less!

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