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Frequently asked questions!

  1. What are our prices?

Pricing is not fixed, it can vary depending on what you need. To get a specific price for your request please send us your jersey design, also any extras like numbers, names, logos, sponsor logos and also quantity.

What is the minimum quantity you can order?

Minimum 12 units. Goalkeeper not included.

What is the turnaround time?

4 weeks from the day you place your order. Sometimes it may arrive earlier but not always.

Are there any shipping charges?

If your order is coming from outside Ottawa, yes Shipping charges will apply from Ottawa to your city. Via Canada Post. The charge is minimum.

 What are our payments terms?

Our payment terms as of 2016, is 100% advanced, so we do not have any delays in the process.
So,    the current process is:

1- you inquire
2- we respond with a quote
3- If you accept, you place the order.
4- Pay for your Order
5- We start working immediately
6- We deliver ON TIME.  

 Can I pay with PayPal?

At this point we are accepting PAYPAL payments only from returning customers and at PELOTERO SPORTS discretion. 

 Can I pay with a cheque?

Pelotero Sports will be glad to accept cheques but only FROM ANOTHER BUSINESS.  B2B cheques.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Pelotero sports will accept credit cards from returning customers only and at discretion of Pelotero Sports.

Can you send us samples to see your material quality and the sizes?

Yes, we can send samples for review, Our Sample Kit will contain: 3 jerseys in 3 sizes. For teams inquiring about full kits we will send 3 kits in 3 sizes and Socks in 2 sizes for review.

*There will be a security deposit for the samples sent, which will be reimbursed when we receive the samples back. We used to do this free of any charges, however the return rate on our samples was very very low, and because of the nature of our business sending samples to hundreds of prospective customers and not receiving them back, is very costly for us.
So we are trying to keep our prices low so everyone can benefit of competitive prices. Samples Shipping costs to you will be covered by us, the return will be covered by you.  

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