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What makes us different?

Our main goal in this business is to provide teams, players and everyone playing soccer with the best equipment possible for your Dollar.
As former players we know what players need, jerseys fitting, sizing all has been carefully worked on.

Our Fabrics for uniforms and jerseys are UNIQUE in the north-american market. We have our own fabric Called Duralit3.   

This material which is very durable, soft to the  touch and light weight has a few special characteristics like quick dry-up, it doesn't retain Liquid and it doesn't produce any type of odors as a result of sweating and the material is so durable that it will not get damaged with fingernails etc.

We work with sublimation with minimum quantity of 12 units - Sublimation is an expensive process to be manufactured in small batches... but we will DO IT!  
You can get sublimated jerseys out of Chinese websites but they require minimums of at least 300 pieces, 1000 pieces totally insane no one running a small team or soccer school can afford that, this is the reason why usually everyone just buys GENERIC JERSEYS and get numbers heat pressed on them etc, making look your team just like any other team.

With Pelotero sports your team will look well organized and your team will stand out (Guaranteed!) among other teams in any league or tournament.  Because we can make happen the customization according to your request without the need to order 300 pieces or 1000 pieces. We'll work with you to the detail. 

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